Welcome WeWork to REFAI Certification by Linneman Associates and REFM!

  1. First read the hard copy textbook chapter listed in the curriculum for the current module
    1. In the Excel framework given in the online course page (linked in the Course Content table below), perform any hands-on exercises directed in the textbook
  2. Upon completion of the above, return to the online course page to:
    1. Read the chapter overview and summary
    2. Listen to the audio content and review the key terms
    3. Answer the questions
    4. Take and pass the graded quiz in a single timed sitting, noting your score and the group average score
    5. Review the quiz commentary on the correct answers
      1. Send us a note at refai@getrefm.com to request any required clarifications on course content.
  3. Complete any REFM tutorial materials included in the module
  4. Proceed to the next topic and repeat the above steps
  5. Prepare for the Midterm and Final Examinations by completing the “Review of Quiz” duplicate of each chapter’s graded quiz, and by completing the practice Midterm and Final Examinations and reviewing your results
  6. Take and pass the Midterm and Final Examinations upon their release.